Ernst Keller
Industry: Die making for the automotive industry
Location: Arnsberg, Germany

"Thanks to CimatronE's DieDesign, we are able to win more business… we are establishing a quotation at an average of only one hour… Prior to DieDesign, we needed six hours."

Thorsten Franke, Project Manager

The Challenge
- Producing complex progressive dies with a high level of precision
- Delivering top-quality dies to meet the high standards set for safety product components
- Increasing production levels of progressive dies while maintaining lower costs and shorter delivery times
- Issuing quick and accurate job quotations

The Solutions
Ernst Keller is using the CimatronE integrated end-to-end solution for the design and manufacturing of progressive dies

The Results
- CimatronE’s integrated solution and advanced die-specific design functionality enable Ernst Keller to shorten delivery times by up to 50%
- Using CimatronE's Iges and native Catia translators, Ernst Keller is able to save time by eliminating the need to fix 3D models received from customers
- Thanks to CimatronE’s built-in analysis tools, Ernst Keller is able to build higher quality dies, reducing the need for out-putting prototype parts prior to production start
- CimatronE’s quick design and analysis capabilities have helped Ernst Keller increase quotation accuracy and reduce preparation time by up to 90%

| At a glance

Ernst Keller GmbH & Co KG is a company with over 180 employees headquartered in Arnsberg, Germany. It has been manufacturing forming tools for over 20 years, particularly components for safety belts and door sealing for automotive suppliers. An increasing portion of the company’s products require complex dies, which have been designed and manufactured by Ernst Keller’s tool making department since 2001.