GibbsCAM CNC Programming Automation with SolidWorks Models to be Featured at SolidWorks World 2015
Jan. 6, 2015
Cimatron Donates $1.7 Million Software to Iowa Community College for Advanced CAD/CAM Training
Dec. 2, 2014
Cimatron to showcase advanced, new mold design capabilities at Euromold
Nov. 25, 2014
3D Systems and Cimatron Enter Definitive Agreement for 3D Systems to Acquire Cimatron
Nov. 24, 2014
Cimatron Reports Best Ever Third Quarter with Record Q3 Revenues, Operating Profit and Net Profit
Nov. 13, 2014
GibbsCAM Now Includes VoluMill Free Ultra-high Speed Roughing for New Production Mill Users
Nov. 12, 2014
Cimatron's Q3 2014 Results Release Scheduled for Nov. 13, 2014 before US Markets Open
Nov. 3, 2014
Cimatron Reports Record Q2 in all Major Parameters and Announces Dividend Distribution Policy
Aug. 13, 2014
CimatronE 12 Launched: Includes productivity improvements and new features supporting 3D printing
Aug. 6, 2014
Cimatron's Q2 2014 Results Release Scheduled for August 13th, 2014 before US Markets Open
Jul. 31, 2014
CimatronE 12 to be previewed in Russia
Jun. 12, 2014
CimatronE 12 to offer fully automated insert design
Jun. 10, 2014
CimatronE German user meeting features leading industry experts
Jun. 2, 2014
Cimatron’s international sales conference celebrates record sales
May 27, 2014
GibbsCAM 2014 International Reseller Conference Largest to Date
May 19, 2014
Cimatron Reports $11 Million Revenues in Q1/14
May 14, 2014
GibbsCAM Approved for All DMG MORI Machines Supported by Manufacturing Suite Post Processor in USA
May 7, 2014
Autodesk Certifies GibbsCAM for Autodesk Inventor 2015
Apr. 17, 2014
New GibbsCAM webinar: Using tombstone management to increase productivity
Apr. 3, 2014
CimatronE reduces cutting time by half for Danish shop
Mar. 31, 2014
CimatronE 12 to be previewed at Eurostampi
Mar. 20, 2014
CimatronE displays high speed roughing for molds at METAV
Mar. 10, 2014
CimatronE gaining success in Mexico
Mar. 5, 2014
New GibbsCAM Add-in Enables File Exchange with Easy-to-Use SpaceClaim 3D Modeling Software
Mar. 5, 2014
Cimatron Reports Record Revenues in Q4/13 to Round Out Another Record Year
Feb. 27, 2014
Cimatron to conduct webinar on stepping up to 5-Axis technology
Feb. 19, 2014
Cimatron's Q4 Results Release Scheduled for Feb. 27 before US Markets Open
Feb. 11, 2014
CimatronE helps mold makers profit from ECOs
Feb. 5, 2014
Cimatron’s “mission critical” software on show in Italy
Jan. 27, 2014
CimatronE & GibbsCAM powering Russian aircraft manufacturing
Jan. 23, 2014
GibbsCAM Automation with SOLIDWORKS Models Featured at SOLIDWORKS World 2014
Jan. 22, 2014
CimatronE to Support AMF Format for 3D Printing
Jan. 21, 2014
GibbsCAM featured at Autodesk University 2013
Dec. 19, 2013
CimatronE 11 provides Italian manufacturer with major gun drilling efficiencies
Dec. 11, 2013
U.S. tool shops are looking to hire, but finding qualified workers is a challenge, survey shows
Dec. 9, 2013
Cimatron & DMG MORI expand cooperation on post processing
Dec. 4, 2013
GibbsCAM to be Featured at Okuma Open House
Dec. 2, 2013
Cimatron eliminating human error in mold design
Nov. 27, 2013
Cimatron to Present at LD Micro Conference
Nov. 20, 2013
Cimatron Reports Best Ever Third Quarter with Record Q3 Revenues, Operating Profit and Net Profit
Nov. 12, 2013
GibbsCAM Supports Full Range of MORI SEIKI Machines at DMG MORI Manufacturing Days
Nov. 8, 2013
Cimatron's Q3 2013 results release scheduled for Nov. 12, before US markets open
Oct. 30, 2013
Boston University College of Engineering receives 50 seats of GibbsCAM
Oct. 28, 2013
CimatronE’s new die design capabilities on show at Blechexpo
Oct. 24, 2013
Cimatron sees growth in Japanese market
Oct. 16, 2013
New GibbsCAM 5-Axis Porting Option Available
Oct. 8, 2013
GibbsCAM simplifies machining of turbomachinery components
Oct. 4, 2013
Cimatron to integrate MachineWorks' Polygonica technology
Oct. 3, 2013
Gibbs and DMG / MORI SEIKI expand collaboration on post processing
Sep. 12, 2013
GibbsCAM 2013 to be featured in Willemin-Macodel EMO exhibit
Sep. 9, 2013
Cimatron Announces Full Exercise of Over-Allotment Option and Closing of Public Offering
Sep. 4, 2013
Cimatron Announces Pricing of Public Offering of Ordinary Shares
Aug. 29, 2013
GibbsCAM user takes gold at Skills Canada CNC programming competition
Aug. 15, 2013
Cimatron Reports Record Second Quarter Revenues of $11.0 million in Q2 2013
Aug. 13, 2013
Cimatron and Moldex3D to introduce Innovative Cooling Simulation
Aug. 7, 2013
Cimatron shows latest NC programming technology at EMO
Aug. 1, 2013
Cimatron's Q2 2013 Results Release Scheduled for August 13, before US Markets Open
Jul. 29, 2013
CimatronE 11 features proven ultra-high performance material removal technology
Jul. 10, 2013
Cimatron helps US tooling industry qualify skilled CAD/CAM workers
Jul. 3, 2013
Cimatron announces termination of management agreement with DBSI
Jun. 24, 2013
GibbsCAM demonstrates 3 times faster machining with VoluMill
Jun. 17, 2013
CimatronE 11 for mold design enjoys global exposure
Jun. 13, 2013
GibbsCAM 2013 Released
Jun. 12, 2013
Gibbs and Associates elevates status in PTC PartnerAdvantage Program
Jun. 10, 2013
“CimatronE implementation: Best decision we’ve ever made”
Jun. 10, 2013
Cimatron chosen for special presentation at Amerimold
Jun. 6, 2013
GibbsCAM Webinar Coming Soon: How High-Speed Machining Can Improve Your Bottom Line
Jun. 4, 2013
CimatronE live milling with Mitsubishi at Feimafe, Brazil
May 30, 2013
GibbsCAM Reaches Another Milestone: Delivers 1,250th MTM (Multi-Task Machine) Post-Processor
May 29, 2013
Cimatron Announces Underwriters’ Exercise of Over-Allotment Option
May 29, 2013
CimatronE & GibbsCAM show latest technology in Russia
May 23, 2013
Cimatron Announces Pricing of Secondary Public Offering of Ordinary Shares
May 21, 2013
CimatronE 11 to be showcased in Malaysia
May 20, 2013
Cimatron Announces Proposed Secondary Public Offering of Ordinary Shares
May 20, 2013
Cimatron Reports Revenues of $10.2 million and Non-GAAP Operating Profit of $1.0 million in Q1 2013
May 13, 2013
• Record Q1 for both software license revenues and maintenance revenues

• 6% year-over-year increase in recurring maintenance revenues
CimatronE 11 pushing the boundaries for North American manufacturing
May 13, 2013
CimatronE Supports 3D Printing Process for Production
Apr. 23, 2013
Cimatron's First Quarter 2013 Results Release Scheduled for May 13th, 2013 before US Markets Open
Apr. 22, 2013
CimatronE 11 Now Available
Mar. 27, 2013
Software offers productivity breakthroughs in CAD and NC
Cimatron Announces Pricing of Secondary Public Offering of Ordinary Shares
Mar. 21, 2013
Cimatron Announces Proposed Secondary Public Offering of Ordinary Shares
Mar. 20, 2013
Cimatron presents: Molding parts to specs on first shot
Mar. 17, 2013
CimatronE 11 featuring in special presentation at Eurostampi
Mar. 17, 2013
Cimatron Secures Major Deal with Giant 3C Manufacturer
Mar. 11, 2013
Cimatron Establishes 3D Printing Advisory Board
Mar. 6, 2013
Cimatron to Present at the Roth Capital Growth Stock Conference
Mar. 4, 2013
CimatronE saves cutter costs for leading US mold maker
Feb. 28, 2013
Cimatron Reports Record Q4 and Full Year 2012 Results Across all Operating Parameters
Feb. 19, 2013
18% year-over-year increase in full year non-GAAP operating profit to $6.1 million
Cimatron's Q4 2012 Results Release Scheduled for February 19th, 2013
Feb. 11, 2013
Cimatron Declares Cash Distribution to Shareholders of NIS1.54 (approximately $0.42) per Share
Feb. 5, 2013
Cimatron’s triple machining act at IMTEX, India
Jan. 28, 2013
Cimatron Announces TASE Delisting Date, Shares to Continue Listing and Trading on NASDAQ
Jan. 2, 2013
Cimatron Declares Cash Distribution to Shareholders of NIS1.60 (approximately $0.43) per Share
Dec. 27, 2012
CimatronE’s complete mold solution on show at EuroMold
Nov. 27, 2012
CimatronE live machining demo with Spinner at EMAF, Portugal
Nov. 21, 2012
Cimatron hosts successful user seminars in India
Nov. 13, 2012
Cimatron Reports $1.0M Non-GAAP Operating Profit in the Third Quarter of 2012
Nov. 7, 2012
Cimatron invites Japanese toolmakers to gain a competitive edge
Nov. 1, 2012
Cimatron's Q3 2012 Results Release Scheduled for November 7th, 2012 before US Markets Open
Oct. 31, 2012
CimatronE’s die design solutions on show at EuroBlech
Oct. 23, 2012
CimatronE a productivity booster for Brazilian mold shops
Oct. 17, 2012
Collaboration Extends Machine Simulation for GibbsCAM Users with NCSIMUL
Oct. 16, 2012
CimatronE’s 5-Axis solution on show at Fakuma, Germany
Oct. 11, 2012
Cimatron grows stronger in Turkey
Oct. 3, 2012
CimatronE 11 to be previewed at BI-MU, Italy
Sep. 27, 2012
GibbsCAM 2012+ on show at BI-MU, Italy
Sep. 27, 2012
CimatronE mold making solution on show in China
Sep. 13, 2012
GibbsCAM Technology Helps Drive DMG/Mori Seiki Standard
Sep. 5, 2012
CimatronE 11 to be unveiled at IMTS
Sep. 4, 2012
GibbsCAM's Next Generation MTM Capabilities to be Shown at IMTS 2012
Aug. 15, 2012
Cimatron Reports Revenues of $10.6M and Record Q2 Non-GAAP Operating Profit of $1.7M in Q2/12
Aug. 9, 2012
Announces agreement with the Office of Chief Scientist (OCS)
CimatronE’s built-in mold making functionality on display in Brazil
Aug. 8, 2012
Cimatron's Second Quarter 2012 Results Release Scheduled for August 9th, 2012 before US Markets Open
Aug. 2, 2012
Conference Call Scheduled for August 9th, 2012 at 9:00 EDT
CimatronE & GibbsCAM “steal the show” at ACMEE, India
Jul. 17, 2012
Cimatron, Mazak & Iscar enjoy successful 5-Axis milling event in Turkey
Jun. 18, 2012
CimatronE live machining demo with AgieCharmilles at BIEMH, Spain
May 30, 2012
Cimatron partners with Mitsubishi Machine Tools in Brazil
May 23, 2012
Cimatron Reports Revenues of $9.9M and Non-GAAP Operating Profit of $1.1M in Q1 2012
May 17, 2012
CimatronE on display on the North American east coast
May 9, 2012
Cimatron's First Quarter 2012 Results Release Scheduled for May 17th, 2012 before US Markets Open
May 9, 2012
Cimatron powering mold, die & 5-axis production in Japan
Apr. 19, 2012
Cimatron receives court approval for cash distributions to shareholders
Apr. 18, 2012
Cimatron to showcase innovative NC solutions in Korea
Apr. 17, 2012
Cimatron reaching out to mold makers at PlastShow, Brazil
Apr. 9, 2012
Cimatron’s 30 years of expertise on show in Italy
Mar. 28, 2012
Cimatron solving Canadian die shop needs
Mar. 19, 2012
Cimatron meeting Brazilian manufacturers’ CAD/CAM needs
Mar. 15, 2012
Cimatron celebrates 30 years as a CAD/CAM leader
Mar. 6, 2012
Gibbs and Associates Celebrates 30 Years of Innovation
Mar. 6, 2012
Cimatron Reports Record Revenues of $12.2M and Record Non-GAAP Operating Profit of $2.2M in Q4/11
Feb. 29, 2012
Cimatron Germany to show latest GibbsCAM & CimatronE features at METAV
Feb. 27, 2012
Cimatron's Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2011 Results Release Scheduled for February 29th, 2012
Feb. 22, 2012
CimatronE Speeds Design of Molds for Mobile & Handheld Devices
Feb. 16, 2012
Specialized applicative tools in CimatronE 10 dramatically simplify the design of components typically found in molds for cellphones, laptops, and other handheld and mobile devices
Cimatron appoints largest reseller in China
Jan. 17, 2012
Cimatron to seek court approval for cash distributions to shareholders
Nov. 29, 2011
Cimatron’s global expertise on show at EuroMold
Nov. 21, 2011
CimatronE SuperBox nominated for prestigious EuroMold Award
Nov. 16, 2011
Cimatron invites 30,000 expected at FabTech to explore its powerful DieDesign solution
Nov. 13, 2011
Cimatron’s DieDesign solution to feature at FabTech show in Chicago, November 14-17, 2011.
Cimatron Reports Revenues of $9.6M and Non-GAAP Operating Profit of $1.0M in Q3/11
Nov. 10, 2011
Cimatron Solutions Powering Milling, Mill-Turn & Multi-Tasking Machines in India
Nov. 9, 2011
CimatronE and GibbsCAM capabilities to be displayed at Bharat Fritz Werner technical seminar in Rudrapor, India, on November 11, 2011.
Cimatron Users Benefit from Partnership with Iscar
Nov. 3, 2011
CimatronE now features Iscar Tool Advisor (ITA), offering enhanced machining efficiency
CimatronE Mold Making Customers Gain Speed Just By Upgrading
Oct. 12, 2011
New version 10 to be displayed at CMTS (Canada) & Fakuma (Germany)
Cimatron - A Top 50 Fastest Growing Company
Oct. 5, 2011
Cimatron Group Recognized in Deloitte’s Fast 50 Awards
Cimatron Reveals New Machining Strategies at EMO
Sep. 15, 2011
Strategies Enable Increased Speed & Tool-Life
Cimatron Conference to host speakers from BMW, Bosch & Siemens
Sep. 14, 2011
Event hosted by Cimatron’s Turkish Reseller Tekyaz; to include display of the new CimatronE 10's capabilities
Cimatron Reports Revenues of $10M in Q2/11 and Highest Ever Q2 Non-GAAP Net Profit of $1.3M
Aug. 4, 2011
- Declares dividend of NIS 0.80 (approximately US$0.23) per share – $0.22 non-GAAP EPS in the first six months of 2011
Cimatron, ISCAR and Hemaq to Host Mold and Die Seminar in Mexico
Aug. 3, 2011
Seminar will showcase live 3-Axis and 5-Axis machining of mold plates
Cimatron's Second Quarter 2011 Results Release Scheduled for August 4th, 2011 before US Markets Open
Jul. 28, 2011
- Conference Call Scheduled for August 4th, 2011 at 9:00 EDT –
Cimatron Announces the Release of CimatronE 10
Jul. 18, 2011
Beta testers report dramatic improvements in efficiency and laude “amazing” background calculations.
Cimatron Helps Brazilian Mold Makers Leverage New Government Incentives
Jun. 28, 2011
Cimatron Presents: How to Cut Your Die Design Time by 25-30 Percent
Jun. 23, 2011
Online webinar, today at 2pm US EDT, now open for registration
Cimatron Receives Widespread Exposure at InterMold Thailand
Jun. 23, 2011
Cimatron to Showcase Background Calculations, Motion Simulation and PMI at DMS Tokyo
Jun. 22, 2011
Cimatron to Demonstrate Ultra-Fast Material Removal and the SuperBox at Technologia Israel
Jun. 15, 2011
Showcasing new versions of CimatronE and GibbsCAM
CimatronE’s New Motion Simulator for Die Designers on Show at Blechexpo
Jun. 7, 2011
Cimatron to Partner with YCM at IMTOS, India
May 25, 2011
Cimatron to Preview Newest 5-Axis Enhancements at Eastec
May 16, 2011
Cimatron’s Q1/2011 Revenues up 12.3% YOY,non-GAAP Operating Profit up 370%
May 12, 2011
Declares dividend of NIS 0.45 (approximately US$0.13) per share
Cimatron to Partner with Haas at IMTEX India
Jan. 19, 2011
A mold component will be programmed for live cutting in the Haas booth
Cimatron and Atometric Partner to Deliver Advanced Micro-Machining Capabilities
Jan. 18, 2011
Cimatron’s micro-milling software enables toolmakers to maximize the efficiency and accuracy advantages of Atometric’s micro-machining centers
Cimatron, BFW to Showcase Blade Machining Capabilities
Jan. 13, 2011
CimatronE will program live cutting of blades for the aerospace and civil engineering industries at IMTEX India
GibbsCAM's New Capabilities to be Demonstrated at SolidWorks World 2011
Jan. 13, 2011
CAM Software Brings Efficient Machining to SolidWorks 2011 3D CAD
Cimatron Helps Giant Mold Maker Push Efficiency to the Limit
Jan. 10, 2011
Ju Teng International Holdings Limited deploys 300 seats of CimatronE integrated CAD/CAM solution to increase efficiency across six manufacturing plants in China and Taiwan.
CimatronE Webinar Demonstrates Fast, Automated Mold Design
Dec. 22, 2010
Webinar is available for streaming online
Cimatron to Introduce New Motion Simulator Powered by LEDAS LGS 3D
Nov. 22, 2010
LGS 3D will be integrated into CimatronE’s new industrial motion simulation and analysis solution
Cimatron Reports Strong Third Quarter Results with Net Profit of $0.9M on a Non-GAAP Basis
Nov. 10, 2010
Cimatron's Third Quarter 2010 Results Release Scheduled for November 10th, 2010 before Markets Open
Nov. 3, 2010
- Conference Call Scheduled for November 10th, 2010 at 9:00 EST –
Cimatron Appoints Country Manager for Brazil
Oct. 20, 2010
The move is intended to increase market share of CimatronE and ensure top quality support for current customers.
GibbsCAM Gives Paul Jr. the Speed to Beat hHis Deadlines
Oct. 19, 2010
Paul Teutul Jr., star of TLC’s hit reality TV show “American Chopper”, used GibbsCAM to machine bike parts in time for the Sturgis Rally.
CimatronE to Introduce New Productivity Acceleration Device for NC Programmers
Sep. 8, 2010
CimatronE 10.0 will be Previewed at IMTS
Aug. 30, 2010
New version includes Motion Simulation, NC Background Calculations, Better ECO, and more
Cimatron Reports Net profit of $0.4M on a Non-GAAP Basis in the Second Quarter of 2010
Aug. 10, 2010
$3.9 million positive cash flow from operating activities in the first half of 2010, a 19% year-over-year increase
Operating results in the first six months of 2010 improved by $1.1M year-over-year