Discrete Manufacturing

CimatronE shortens your delivery times while ensuring a superior surface quality.

With one of the most competitive selections of 2.5-5 Axis milling and drilling strategies on the market and strong built-in CAD tools, analysis tools, and simulators, CimatronE is the right CAM software for any job. CimatronE’s wealth of strategies and capabilities have been tailored specifically to the needs of tool makers, and are just another reason why CimatronE is the right choice for the tool shop NC Programmer.

| The CimatronE advantage
  • Fast machining: CimatronE powers the machine in the fastest and most effective way possible.
  • Optimization of toolpath: Allow the system to automatically calculate the most appropriate toolpath based on the geometry being cut, the stock and the cutter.
  • Complete any job: CimatronE can handle any project no matter how large or complex.
  • Built-in CAD tools: CimatronE’s CAM solution is also a full CAD system, allowing you to make changes to the part and create geometries to simplify machining, with hybrid surfacing, solid and wireframe operations.
  • Flexible automation: The right combination of automation and full user control. Standardize the company’s work processes and create programming templates to re-use procedures, while controlling every aspect of the machining technology.
  • Total control: Take complete control of machining technology by using a wealth of strategies to achieve exactly the required results, your way.
  • CAD/CAM integration: One software for tool design and NC programming to bypass translation delays and errors, as well as start NC programming while design is still in process. You can easily incorporate design updates as you work.
  • Easy to learn and use.